We offer a holistic package focused on developing a marketing strategy and solution that generates high quality leads and coverts customer through a well-designed sales funnel.

The key areas we look at and workshop with you are as follows:

Ideal Customer Avatar

We’ll workshop and determine who your ideal customer is. Many companies spend a fortune on advertising trying to reach as many people as possible to get leads. This is because they are not clear on who their ideal customer actually is and how to target them. If you know who you are specifically targeting, then your advertising campaign should target those people only and you will end up saving a lot on ad spend because there won’t be many wasted clicks. Your messaging will also attract those kind of customers, hence the quality of your leads go up and the probability of converting those into paying customers increases significantly.

Marketing Psychology

We’ll discuss marketing psychology and look at your ideal customer’s purchasing behaviours. Almost in all cases, purchases are done emotionally and not logically. Many companies incorrectly pitch their product/service features to their audience and forget about the benefits. Your advertising campaign needs to talk to the emotions around the benefits of your product/service, only when you tug at those heart strings will you see this converting into sales. Once an emotional purchase is done, people will then justify it using logic.

Copywriting & Graphic Design

The words and imagery you use in your advertising campaigns needs to resonate and align with the psychology and buying behaviours of your ideal customer. We’ll use a “secret formula” to design attention grabbing ads to get your customer’s eyeballs onto those ads, and more importantly, entice them to take action.

Funnel Design

Having designed great ads, we’ll map out and design a high converting sales funnel for you. Ads drive traffic to the sales funnel, so the funnel needs to nurture a customer through the process. They need to feel comfortable that what you are selling will solve their problem or enable them to reach their desires. With so much information available today, customers do their research online and only end up purchasing from people they feel comfortable with. Impulse buying is becoming more and more rare, people expect to go through a buying experience. Your funnel’s main aim is to get them to know, like and trust you, so they purchase from you.

Funnel Technology

Having designed your funnel, we’ll setup all the technology required to implement and deploy the funnel. This is includes hosting your funnel, integrating it with any mail campaign software, CRM software or call routing applications. At the end of the day, people who enter the funnel will either become leads or customers, so we’ll put in reporting mechanisms so that you can keep track of “ad spend vs life-time value” per customer. Many companies get reports on their ad spend, impressions, reach and clicks, but not many can tie up customer spend with ad spend, so actually they have no idea what their ad spend is converting into.

Online Advertising

By this stage we are ready to launch the advertising campaign. Facebook and Google currently dominate in this space, with Instagram tying in with Facebook. LinkedIn also has its own way of advertising. All these options will be considered based on your ideal customer and where they hangout. We’ll place ads on the suitable platforms and the rest should take care of itself. We’ll also keep retargeting your ideal customer wherever they go, using Google’s Display Network (GDN), so they will see your ad if they are on Facebook, news sites or any other sites they visit that use GDN.

Reporting and Analysis

The last thing we’ll do is develop a set of reports, pulling data from various systems together, to analyse how well the campaign is performing and to identify any areas that may need improving. Our aim is to generate the best quality leads for the lowest acquisition cost.

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