Our Approach

In terms of Digital Marketing, our approach is quite simple. We only focus on one thing, which is helping our customers get more customers. And we do this by building quality sales funnels that convert leads into paying customers.

The process we follow is fairly straight forward, but the creativity and systems used to achieve the objective can be quite complicated at times. This is where our experience simplifies things for our customers, we’ve taken months to hone our skills and have paid a fair amount of school fees along the way, so we can help fast track our customers through the process where they’ll save both time and money by doing so.

Our Story

The Digital Marketing Agency came about as a result of the Owner & Founder looking for ways to generate high-quality leads and how to acquire customers for his own Business Coaching practice.

This is a highly contested space, so in order to succeed one really needs to understand how to market and position oneself as an expert. So this is where the Owner & Founder began studying books on the subject and instead of completing an online course, he choose to do an apprenticeship to acquire the necessary skills and expertise.

Now he is here and dedicated to helping you.

Meet the Owner & Founder

Chris, as we mentioned above, is passionate about helping his customers get more high-quality leads and converting those into paying customers. He has extensive business and marketing knowledge combined with years of process, systems, product development and product management experience.

He recently started his own business coaching practice and spent months studying and perfecting his own lead generation and customer acquisition skills. He now puts all those skills to good use to help his customers develop the best digital marketing strategies and to help them launch those online.

Chris Baisch
Owner & Founder
Digital Marketing Strategist
Business Coach

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